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What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a professional skill and this requires for digital marketing purposes. A content writer notes edits and publicizes the content in a digital format. Writing and research skills play an integral role in composing high-performing content.
There is a vast range of writing included in “Content Writing”, so don’t get confused. It can be a blog post, video or podcast script, ebook, press release, product category description, landing page, social media content, etc.
Whether you are writing something for the first time or you are already a professional writer, there are some key points one should keep in mind to boost content marketing.

Types of Content 

Here is a short guide to common types of content. Each type of content serves a different purpose.

Blog Post 

A blog post is written for informational purposes or to increase brand awareness. It is short-form content of around 600 to 2000 words. You don’t need to be formal while writing a blog post. 


It is an extended form of content written for informational purposes for the target audience. Articles are written for newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. 

Product Description

A product description can be a sentence or a paragraph. It can be serious, funny, witty, or quirky as per the preferences of the seller and the needs of the audience. 

Video Scripts

Content writing is a script written for a visual story such as a play, documentary, or TV show. Or video script can also consist of content related to sales, information, or promotional purposes. 

Website Content 

The idea of the whole company establishment, and the products, or services you are offering are written in the website content. 

Landing Page Copy

Anything worthy of getting the attention of the consumers related to the products or services of your company is written on the landing pages of the website. 


To enhance potential sales and to answer frequent queries about your industry, product, or services. 


Many writers prefer uploading their books or stories digitally nowadays. It is a long form of content that provides information on a specific topic.

Social Channels

Writers can also write content for social media audiences. It can include short captions, bios, descriptions, or long platforms across social media platforms i.e. Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

Tips for Writing Professional Content 

Following are the tips you should keep in mind to make your writing well–readable, professional, and targeted. 

Know Your Audience

Before you start writing, demographics should keep in mind. What age of people are you targeting and how do they think? This will help you write according to their mind level which can prove more understandable for them. 


First research, then write. Note down the key points you have researched on google. You don’t need to copy and paste the content. This way your content can never rank. Go above and beyond to add tips and new information for your readers.

Grab the Audience’s Attention

The headline is where you captivate the audience to make them read the whole article. Choose attractive language and use questions, humor, or emotions to drive the audience. 

Keep the Audience’s Attention

You succeeded in bringing the audience to your article. Now, hook up the audience throughout by asking them questions. Convince them that they go through a specific situation and relate the story to the reader to get their attention. 

SEO Content Writing – What is SEO Content Writing?

Keywords can help your content rank well on search engines. Optimize your blog using keywords with less difficulty and good search volume. You have to research the keywords that are relevant to your blog and use them in your content. 

Correct Tone of Voice

Using too casual or formal sentences in your writing can bore the reader. You should keep a tone of voice that is uniform to everyone who reads the article. 

Edit your Work 

Always re-read after writing the article. You can re-correct the grammatical mistakes or false sentences. This way you can make your content error-free.


We hope this article brings the best the in your other writings. Do not doubt yourself whether you can write or not. Practice makes a man perfect. Just keep in mind the tips and tricks to write good content that can drive the audience organically. If you want to read further articles on education visit our site ArticleGig.

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