This article concerns you, the children and everyone else, as it strives to appeal to opticians, neural scientists, all medical experts in general, as well as the councils for structure of primary education within the ministries of education. While you are reading through the consequences of in-correct reading skills, you may like to assess yours and look back to the “old school days”. Shouldn’t we include intensive TRAINING of effective reading skills in primary education, if not in kindergartens already, even as a mere component of mother tongue classes, as soon as possible?


Yes, sure, we were taught how to discern letters, consonants, words, sentences, up to diverse literary genres, and the message they deliver. How much attention was dedicated to determining our goal, to focus development, to reading in clusters, to recognizing essential parts, to the reduction of slow silent pronouncing and linear reading, to the healthy distance from the text, to healthy sitting posture, to vital resting manners or to decrease of surrounding distractions? Not only do these techniques receive insufficient care in general, when we open our homepage on the Internet or printed newspaper, when we notice a sign on the road, whenever we decipher the little SMS or messages alike, any time we follow the tiny written instructions, whenever we sign a contract or give a written consent to the use of our data or to the terms of mobile application.

“What may cause the Earth to shake”, that effective reading skills are not enough awoken and activated at school already! As we see, correct reading techniques concern both the children and literate people in any age. Not leaving out even those reliant on Braille alphabet, on a pedagogue assistant or limited access to school whatsoever. Again, education in good reading habits, too, presents one of series of human rights, accompanying the Right to Education.


Think of all senses, muscles, neural system, cognitive functions, storage cycle and early cortex (brain) development exerted and engaged in the reading process. How we damage,  yet can very much save our eyesight. How we cultivate, yet can very much prevent ourselves from migraines. How our focus distracted from the content during reading evolves into passive scanning of script symbols as times go by, yet can very much be nailed down and therein inhibit our cognition from Alzheimer or Parkinson. How learning to read “properly” can turn into our front strength and enhance our cognitive flow, communication qualities, employ ability and thus significantly better self-confidence. Can you feel how this literate know-how “dooms” our health, our career, our self-esteem and, in the depriving outcome, our family life? Reading-caused ailments affect us everywhere in daily lives. Namely at school, among friends, at work, in love life, throughout teenage, adulthood, with the heaviest strain in retirement, up to delimiting the overall quality and length of our life. Shall we call the opticians to raise their voice for prompt implementation of “effective” reading skills at schools and kindergartens? The sooner, the better.


These pertinent body-and-mental faculties prove that, if “watered at the roots” of our life, we can look forward to better-quality life.

Provided that the correct way of reading is taught correctly and consolidated forever.

The need for full-fledged reading abilities goes hand-in-hand with information society, or? Reading correctly can save you a considerable budget! And most probably you will finally shake off a good line of unnecessary medical visits, resorting only to regular checks. Isn’t that an outlook of a very positive future?


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