Top 20 Hotels Around The Globe


Vacations are meant to give a breath of fresh air to your mind and soul. In order to ensure that the vacation does its job without any distortion, you will need to look after its every aspect with utmost keenness. The destination you are visiting can only do its job well if the place of your stay doesn’t let you lose the essence of the place. 

It always remains a tedious task to choose the place you should plan to visit, once the place has been decided, the need to select a hotel shows up. What makes this task even more cumbersome is the availability of a huge number of options. Besides this, one has to take into account various factors like the budget of the trip, the nearness of the hotel to the destination, etc. While there is no denying that these are some significant considerations, you must always choose a hotel that possesses a unique experience of its own. Having a quintessential destination-oriented trip might be fun but when it is combined with a great hotel stay, it brings out a vacation you can cherish for your lifetime. 

Below is the list of 20 best hotels in the world. These hotels are so elegant that they have the capability to affect your decision regarding the destination of the trip.

  1. Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul

This hotel is a transformed building of a sultan, which gives the place a lavish tint. The outdoor space of the hotel is embraced by palm trees and gazebos. You can enjoy the Turkish and Ottoman cuisine of the place which you are bound to cherish. You will have to bear a rent of $272 but the hotel ensures your experience is worth way more than the cost.


  •  21c Museum Hotel, Louisville

This unique place of art is settled in downtown Louisville. Burrowed along the museum row, 21c Museum Hotel is no less than an elegant warehouse of contemporary art. On your very arrival, you are treated with some of the best bits of art. It embraces sundry awards for its beauty and unique way of serving its guests with great restaurant experience. An approximate $300 rent can gift you with several amazing experiences related to food, sports, and archaic culture.


  •  Royal Champagne Hotel

This hotel embraces an excellent location as it is nestled amidst Champagne vineyards, bestowing the hotel its name. Located in Champillon, it gives pure royal vibes to its guests. If you are a guest at this hotel, you will have access to the spa, housed in a former coaching inn which has been carried forward since the 19th century. Besides treating your eyes with an on-site spa, you can enjoy the services of a sauna, steam bath, external, and internal swimming pools. A rent of around $500 fetches its worth with all the top-class facilities and the presence of a mesmerizing location.


  •  Hotel Casa Del Mar

This hotel is meant to give you an elegant sneak peek into an Italian vacation while you enjoy your stay in California. The place is beautifully romanticized through its unique design. Once you enter your room besides being taken aback by the beauty, you will come across marble bathrooms with a hydrotherapy spa giving you the perfect hotel experience. The hotel justifies its rent of approx. $650 in the most elegant manner.


  •  Inn of the Five Graces

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the hotel sits in the Sangre de Cristo foothills. Further, it is embraced by Santa Fe’s historic downtown, implying that you are bound to cherish the taste of their South-western culture. The rooms are colorful and beautifully designed giving you an authentic vibe of the history of the place. The per-night rate starts from $456 per room which is purely utilized at the place.


  •  Hotel Astoria, A Rocco Forte Hotel

This hotel embellishes the streets of Saint Petersburg in Russia. The hotel was commenced serving its guests in 1912 and since then has never failed to serve its visitants with extravagance. Saint Isaac’s Cathedral lies in the proximity of the hotel adding to its specialty. This hotel contains another special aspect that makes it worth visiting, which is its afternoon tea at the Rotonda Lounge. You can thus enjoy every bit of $170 you spend there per night.


  •  La Reserve Paris- Hotel and Spa

The very aspect of the hotel being situated in Paris makes it a unique and desirable one. In the immediate vicinity of Champs-Elysees, this hotel provides you with one of the most opulent experiences of your life. Their luxurious services are combined with the expansiveness of the rooms to give you an extraordinary vibe. The boutique hotel embraces only 40 rooms, making your visit a distinctive one. The cost of $1019 per night might seem hefty but, once visited, will appear to be well-deserved.


  •  Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness

Situated in the sacred valley of Peru, this hotel instills you with extraordinary vibes with its breath-taking ambiance. The valley is a resurrected hacienda dating back to the 1900s. The hotel’s nearness to Cusco and Machu Picchu makes it a practical choice too. It costs $135 per night.


  •  Arnawa Cusco Boutique Hotel

Being a sister hotel of the one situated in the sacred valley, this hotel embraces personalized uniqueness through its mesmerizing display of art. Plaza de Armas in Cusco falls in the vicinity of the hotel making it perfect for a desirable stay in Peru. It will cost you around $155 for a night stay at this beautiful mansion.


  •  Amerikalinjen

This hotel is nestled in the peaceful city of Oslo, Norway, and is a representation of the cruise line establishes between the US and Norway. The hotel was opened in 2019 to celebrate the astonishing combination of modernity and antiquity, keeping intact its essence from its 1919 history of an office building. The essence of the hotel makes you $248 spent per night completely worth it.


  •  Alila Fort Bishangarh  

It is another unique place of art situated in Jaipur, India. the hotel has been resurrected and beautified using mainly sandstones contributing to the stunning look of this 230 years old fortress. It will cost you around $281 per night if you decide to stay at this amazing historical dwelling.


  • Rosewood Luang Prabang

This hotel, situated in Laos, is meant to give you a first-hand view of the scintillating sceneries of a jungle. Some rooms enjoy the hilltop view while others have access to their personal pools. The essence of Southeast Asia can be easily felt through the warm and welcoming services of the hotel. It treats your eyes with the captivating view of the waterfall and the river flowing just across the place. If you are planning to visit this calm and serene hotel, it will cost you $824 per night stay.


  • Beau-Rivage Palace

This palace dates back to 1861 when it was opened right around Lake Geneva. This implies a seamlessly beautiful and romantic view that this hotel in Switzerland proudly embraces. The rooms are large and have all the designs conforming to modern standards of beauty and elegance. The guests also get access to beautiful gardens while they enjoy their stay at the hotel. The unparalleled spa services of the hotel are one of the reasons it has been able to make it the top hotels list so far. The hotel is also known for having been an abode to famous personalities like Nelson Mandela, Coco Chanel, and Tina Turner. If you wish to pay a visit, you will have to pay $423 per night stay.


  •  Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

When at this hotel, you have several unique reasons to feel special. The hotel only embraces 20 rooms in total, each relishing a view of the Mediterranean Sea. A world-class spa, while you are staying at a hotel, burrowed at a clifftop is something which makes you yearn for a stay at this hotel. Per night rent of 448 dollars is worth every bit of it as this hotel gives you memories to cherish for a lifetime.


  •  Rambagh Palace

This palace is situated in Jaipur, India, and has a fulfilled royal essence to itself. The services of the hotel are extravagant and imperial. It beholds 78 beautiful guest suites. You can enjoy luxury with a cultural touch when at this hotel by paying $327 per night stay.


  • Royal Mansour

This hotel is another royal place where you can experience sundry breath-taking services. The hotel is constituted by 53 three-story raids. Each possesses different sorts of amenities, which are impeccable, including personal bars, home cinema, spa services, private gym, etc. the starting rates per night are $1223 but can as high as $40,000.                                                 

  1. 4. Four Seasons Hotel at the Surf Club

Adoring the beautiful and mesmerizing location of Miami Beach, Florida, this hotel will cost you around $1075 per night. It is the renovated version of The Surf Club establishes in 1930.  It possesses a restaurant headed by Thomas Keller, adding jewels to your visit.


  •  1 Hotel West Hollywood

Located in the prominent location of Los Angeles, this hotel beholds 285 rooms, which embrace recycled materials, making it a sustainable state-of-the-art hotel available at the cost of $598 per night.


  •  Taj Lake Palace

Having originally being built for a prince in the 18th century, this place holds royalty in its heart. It has 65 rooms, all equipped with a captivating view since the hotel is set amidst the lake. The guests are ferried out of the hotel through private boats. If you are planning a stay at this royal residence, keep $514 ready for a single night stay. 


  •  SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills

The hotel is a symbol of the future lifestyle embodied in present times. Off late, the hotel was renovated using a hefty amount of 22M dollars. It proudly shows off its design done by Philippe Starck. It is also an abode to the famous Jose Andres restaurants. The hotel thus exhibits a dashing aura and view. 


The above is a list that you can refer to if you have an urge to plan a stay which becomes even more memorable than the visit itself.