Education is nothing but an opportunity to learn as well as use the information, skills, and understanding to shape the future in a reliable and secure way. The main purpose of education is to shape the future in a secure way and to bring necessary as well as positive changes in the society. The modern teaching techniques and approaches of education have developed through the years. Over a couple of years, the way most of the teachers pass on knowledge to their students has dramatically transformed. These days, teachers are more clement with the students than before, for instance, 50 years ago.

Education with the Passage of Time

The system of education has transformed drastically with the passage of time. It is necessary to change education system as per time requirement and with the advancement of society. Quality education not only helps an individual in polishing his or her skills, capabilities of thoughts as well as potentials but also helps him or her exploring the innovative ideas. Education acts as an effective tool and it should be used for achieving bigger things in human lives. Introducing new as well as lucrative things in education system not only benefit students but also these will nurture lives of students in beneficiary ways.

The Focus of Present Days Education

With the advancement of technology, today’s education takes an inventive approach. It creates a burden on students. Today’s education is not only increasing the students’ academic skills and aptitude but also ignoring the personal development, which is one of the most important things in life. The personal development has extensive influence on health and overall well-being of students. Education system needs to focus making students skilled rather making students just money making machines for future. It means our education system should be skill based education rather than mechanical. As knowledge lasts for a lifetime, not tricks. The schools and colleges over emphasize on academic parts only, treat students as raw materials. They only have certain time frame and within this time frame they need to be prepared as money making machine,


Due to the reason, the non-academic students feel depressed and dealt with residuals. For example, Education policy in the United States and the United Kingdom over emphasize on students’ academic parts, they hardly concentrate on social, personal as well as health education. This is due to the below-mentioned reasons: Whether more time spent on personal well-being and development, the time will be lessened for concentrating on academic learning and therefore low academic scores. Scoring high is necessary because today’s age is the age of rat race. Another important thing is improving attainment. It is one of the most crucial instruments that assist them to increase economic competitiveness. Present day’s system of education not only focuses on building a generation of exam-takers but also makes a resume-builder. They hardly focus on creating the generation of problem solvers and lifelong learners. The schools and colleges have become a place for students where their liberty is greatly hindered.

Focus on Building New Model of Schools

We need to focus on building a new model of schools. The schools cannot be built just in a day or two. It should be built with the government collaboration, including the collaboration of students, teachers, and schools. Schools should emerge as a place where students come to read, learn and understand the whole, which helps them to build interest, expand knowledge with passion, make them innovative and importantly build the higher consciousness of life. These things will help them explore creativity and to understand the world as a whole, and help them to make human, not a machine.


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