Redmi is back with its abnormal solidness tests for the up and coming Redmi Note 8 team. The last time, comparable strength tests were directed for Redmi Note 7. These out of the container tests included slamming it against a watermelon. Popping a nut on the showcase, trampling the cell phone, and so on.

Despite the fact that clients got their expectations up with respect to the toughness. And solidness of the Note 7 arrangement, incidentally. The cell phone did not perform well in genuine strength tests mirroring genuine circumstances like tumbling from abdomen stature.

This time, only three days before its dispatch, the organization has discharged a video where a weight lifter remains on two Redmi Note 8 Pro units and lifts 90 kgs of weight. When he is done, the judges check and uncover that the cell phones are working impeccably.

By and large, the trick feels dull-witted. It doesn’t appear to be a genuine sturdiness test since a presentation possibly breakdowns when you put weight on it from a specific course.

In any case, genuine strength tests will be completed once the cell phone is discharged and dismantled to see whether it can withstand weight in increasingly practical circumstances.


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