E Learning is learning method utilizing electronic technologies to way in educational program outside of a traditional classroom.  In the majority cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered fully online. There are many kinds used to describe learning that is delivered online, via the internet, ranging from Distance Education, online learning, internet learning, to computerized electronic learning, and many others. E-learning has gain popularity in most recent times. It is very helpful in adding value in organizational matters, like it is easier to way in information and there is flexibility with respect to time and place. It is an ability that reduces the travel time and associated costs. It eliminates the expense and inconvenience of receiving the teachers and students in the same principle. E-learning provides experiences that contain three different learning styles.

  • Visual learner
  • Kinesthetic learners
  • Auditory learners

Now let’s move toward to the benefits of e-learning to students.

Saves time and money:

With online learning, your learners can get content anywhere and anytime. They don’t require taking time out from their jobs to go to classes. E-learning is also cost-effective; companies save a large amount on the travel and somewhere to live costs of learners and instructors, as well as the venue and materials. No printing helps decrease your carbon footprint, too.

Leads to better retention:

Recent learners favor bite-sized, interactive content. They would rather watch a video or listen to a podcast than read all the way through pages of a manual. E-learning tools allow teach designers to create content interactive. The more attractive the content is, the better the learners remember information. If they enjoy learning, they can capable to recall and apply the concepts at work.


In personally every instructor has his or her own method of teaching. Each varies in move toward and style and is susceptible to mistakes. You can remove these issues with e-learning. Online learning facilitates consistent and standardized training every time. Each learner goes throughout the same experience apart from of when and where he or she takes the course.


E- Learning is salable. You can roll it out to as a lot of employees you need and is a one-time investment. The more learners obtain the course, the faster you are able to write off the expense.



Every learner has exclusive preferences and learning goals. E-learning makes it potential to cater to individual needs. It allows learners to select their learning path and find the way at their own pace. When they decide what to learn and when, they stay invested in the course.


Students are able to learn independently in any time and place.  E-Learning is self-paced and the learning sessions are accessible all moment in time.

Deal with teachers:

Students can deal honestly with teachers who are extremely qualified, but cannot appear at since of distance barriers, nowadays with e- learning coming in scene they can provide their inputs and facilitate students in their research.

Now let’s evaluate the benefits for teachers.

  • First and primary, the method of teaching becomes more interactive.
  • Teachers can get ready single document for all different types of students, so that they don’t require doing it again and again.
  • Timing is also flexible for teachers; they can do this with maintenance to their regular classes in schools.
  • They can get more and more information on net, that they implant in their course materials.
  • Interaction with students becomes more suitable.  When students are distribution their problems with teachers, since it’s not face to face they fear less and can ask their problems freely.

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